Wood Veneers

There are 4 methods of cutting a tree to get veneer and each will result in a different look to the veneer. With some types of trees you do not have the option to cut the tree to all types of veneer as you are limited to the size of the tree and how much out wood to inter sap wood you are working this. Please take a look at this explanation of Veneer Types from Navy Island

Help with paint color selection

Need help selecting just the right paint color to work in your new space. Well if you have used Cambria natural quartz surfaces you are in luck. You can visit their web site and in the Design Pallet, select your material and when you click on the + to the right of the name, it will expand to give you more information about the material including a paint color pallet that works with that material

Wood counter tops - Good or Bad

Wood counter tops offer a great alternative to granite or quartz counter tops, if you are looking for something that is not as hard and adds warmth to your kitchen space, wood could be the answer. Even for just an island top they are good addition. There is often a concern by homeowners that a wood top is a lot of maintenance, but with the new finishes that the wood top manufactures like Grothouse, The Southside Woodshop and John Boos use, maintenance is no more than with a granite or quartz counter top. Even the cleaning and oiling of an oil finish top can be well worth the beauty that it will add to a finished space.
In respect to the issue of bacteria please read this news article from the New York Times that is a summary of a study done on wood cutting board, Cutting boards , to see that wood is safer than plastic for use a food prep surface.